Tadpole Tuesdays: Exploring Colors and EEK, MICE! – As viewed by Ms. Gail

It’s Ms. Gail here, writing my first ever Tadpole daily, as other teachers
are out today. It’s been calm and yet entertaining today, as an intimate
group of Tadpoles explored their primary colors through hands-on activities
with paint and building toys, as well as focused on their literacy
experiences by reading a book called “Mouse Paint” by Emily Stoll Walsh.
(Thank you, Science Sarah for providing an age appropriate and engaging
recommendation!) It’s always exciting to see how the children’s eyes light
up while mixing primary colors turns them into. OTHER COLORS. It takes me
back a little to that commercial growing up – how the ziplock baggy is
finally closed when the yellow and blue strips combine to make. GREEN!

Aside from exploring colors and building with the star bubble blocks in the
front room, the Tadpoles spent time with Ms. Awatif and our enormous lego
collection in the backroom. Ms. Linda and Ms. Subohi were also on deck to
show the children how to be mice! Why mice? Well, aside from it being the
theme of the Mouse Paint book, it’s also a time when mice, like other small
creatures, can be spotted preparing for hibernation and scattering about in
the wild! EEK! Teaching the children to playfully be “afraid,” but also
enjoy the speed and silliness of the mice went hand-in-hand nicely with
exploration of colors outside and inside.

As usual, there was nothing lacking in imagination as the children played
outside on the grounds. Having a few moments free, I engaged with a few
Jumpers who were happy to tell me about which family members were in town
for the holidays. Swimmers also chimed in with their smiles and giggles when
words like “Grandma” and “Uncle So-and-So” were a part of the conversations.
Later, mealtime and naps were just another part of the day when the children
could appreciate their large color collage from earlier in the morning. (It
will be hanging in the classroom this week for you to see.)

It was a gentle and fun day at the Pond with our smaller group. Thank you to
all of the families who let Janel know of their travel plans, as it allows
us to also utilize the lower numbers to focus on training and classroom
organizational matters. Ms. Teresa, our Classroom Coordinator, is setting a
fine example of focus and style when it comes to supporting the children in
making choices and doing for themselves, but also receiving help when
needed. It was a pleasure to see her in action today. I will certainly miss
those direct care moments when Ms. Jenna (your new Director of School
Family), starts next Monday!

Tonight at pick-up, if your child acts like a mouse when you lean down to
say hello, don’t be scared. 😉

Much love, School Family. It was truly another lovely day at the Pond.

HOPPY Holidays!

Ms. Gail (on behalf of the Tadpole Teachers)

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