Frog Fridays: Feeling Proud

Today at Morning Meeting Squeak (the mouse puppet) shared that today will
be a Frog’s last day.  Squeak and many of the kids wanted to give the Frog a
big hug when they heard this.  The Frog said he will miss everything at Frog
Pond.  Ms. Kim and Ms. Ashley led the kids in putting handprints on the
T-shirt along with children names so that the Frog has a way to remember us.

Green Tree Frogs and Ms. Kim talked with Al about feeling proud.  They
looked at pictures of people that were proud and talked about things that
they are proud of.  Many of them told me that they are proud to go to
Grandma’s house.

Northern Green Frogs practiced doing the Pretzel with me.  I sang a song
from the Feeling Buddies Curriculum that is to the same tune as “I’m a
little teapot” to help them understand how to do the pretzel:

I can be a pretzel, arm and legs out.
Cross them over and watch me pout.
When I get real angry, a pretzel I’ll be.
Squeeze together 1-2-3.

Afterwards Frogs read the Feeling Buddies Curriculum “4 ways to calm
book”, which shows pictures of the four calming techniques:  STAR, Drain,
Balloon, and Pretzel.  Frogs can read this book anytime they want—it is
right by the Feeling Buddies.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed taking turns playing Sleeping Fawn and Hike and
Seek in the Meadow.  Children hid in corners, behind trees, behind
benches, and under the bushes.  Children also took turns on the swings.  A
large group of kids also enjoyed playing Hungry Hippo with Ms. Ashley at
Toad Mountain.

Some centers today were big legos and barn and farm animals.

Also I wanted to thank all of the families for the kind holiday gifts you
have given to the Frog Pond Staff.  The cookies, chocolates, and cards
were extremely generous and kind.  I hope all of you had a wonderful
holiday and also have a wonderful New Year to come!

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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