Tadpole Tuesdays: Preparing for Winter Solstice!

This morning the Tadpoles had a great time singing “Mr. Sun” and “Twinkle
Twinkle Little Star” with Ms. Subohi, Ms. Linda, and Ms. Awatif as they drew
pictures to decorate the classroom for the solstice party. The teachers also
drew smiley-faced sunshines on their hands with markers as they sang “Mr.
Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on my friend, (child’s name)”!
The children loved it! A little later, they heard “Twinkle Twinkle Little
Star” on the CD player and sang along as they danced in the back room.

In the front room today, the Tadpoles enjoyed playing with lacing shapes,
threading string in and out of the holes around the pictures and over-sized
buttons. They also played with blocks and read books. Some played dress-up.
Others played in the media table in the middle room. There was shredded
paper in it, which they enjoyed feeling with their hands. In the back room
there were stick “horses” and other animals on sticks for riding, such as a
giraffe and elephant. They also played with 3-D textured shapes in the small
media table.

Outdoors today the Tadpoles had a grand time! Some played in the houses.
Others splashed in puddles! They stomped and they also used sticks and
trucks in the puddles. Some children played in the sand. Others made up a
chasing game, using a large, black gutter tube and taking it with them as
they ran. Tadpoles also enjoyed the swings.

At Toad Mountain today, some of the Jumpers enjoyed playing airplane with
Frogs. They were searching all over for gas to put in their airplane. They
also enjoyed digging and splashing in the muddy digging pit! Some also made
castles with blocks. Other Jumpers went in the Frog classroom with Ms. Linda
and some of the Frogs for yoga with Ms. Melissa (Tadpole Penny’s mom). They
loved doing various animal poses together! During this time, Swimmers
enjoyed driving toy cars and continuing to explore the puddles!

It was another great day at the Pond!


Ms. Diana

Frog Pond Manager of Curriculum

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