Frog Fridays: Henry makes a funny face

Henry, the large, male brown goat opened his mouth wide and stuck out his tongue while some children were petting him today (at least that’s what Ms. Kim and the children told me!).  It must have been a pretty silly, funny face to see on Sir Henry’s face.  I hope one day I can see him make that facial expression–we guess that was Henry’s super happy face!

Today at Morning Meeting we sang two songs:  The Hibernation Song and a song about Frost/snow, both from Preschool Education.

Afterwards Green Tree Frogs made Nebulas with Ms. Saba.  They crushed crayons with rocks which we had already put into baggies.  Frogs enjoyed smashing and grinding the crayons into tiny pieces.  Then, they got to space the pieces of crayon onto the wax paper.  Ms. Saba and I demonstrated how we iron the pieces of crayon onto the wax paper.

Northern Green Frogs brainstormed about a space journey with Ms. MC.  They thought about what planet they wanted to travel to and how they would get there.  Then, they all got into the spaceship and blasted off to space; they did this by getting into the loft!

Frogs and Jumpers played a variety of games at Toad Mountain.  Some played Jet Planes with me.  To be honest, I have never played this before so I needed some instruction.  Frogs told me that I could be the pilot, so I led the plane all around Toad Mountain.  Other children enjoyed taking turns on the swings and the monkey bars.  A large group also enjoyed playing Hungry Hippo.

Some centers today were cars and ramps, wooden blocks, and water and basters.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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