Frog Fridays: Frog Astrounats Explore Mars

Before coming to the school this morning I noticed that NASA is testing a
rocket that will help them one day go to Mars (The Weather Channel was
covering it).  Later at the school, Frogs and I found a large cardboard
box that we decided we would use as a rocket ship to blast into space
while at Toad Mountain.  First, Frogs and Jumpers decorated the rocket
ship with markers and crayons.  Then, we put on our spacesuit, got into
the ship and counted down from 10 to zero.  At Blastoff, we zoomed into
space to get to Mars.  I told Frogs that it is super cold on Mars and that
there are intense windstorms that whip thru this planet on a constant

Frogs and Jumpers were brave as they explored this planet.  We found
mountains and even volcanoes.  Unfortunately, one of the volcanoes erupted
which sent us all into a frenzy.  We ran around in circles and then
decided we needed to go back on the spaceship to Earth.  Everyone got on
safely and we zoomed back to Earth in no time.  After that, we blasted off
a second time to the Moon.  All of this space travel and exploration will
definitely get us ready for the Winter Solstice (Ingathering starts at
5:30pm Wednesday, December 10th).

Green Tree Frogs experimented with flashlights and then used mirrors to
see how light reflects back.  They saw that when they flashed the lights
at the mirror, the light went onto their shirts.

Northern Green Frogs got to make a paper mache Earth and Moon with Ms. MC.
They got a neat sensory experience as they dipped their hands into cut
pieces of newspaper with flour and salt.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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