Tadpole Tuesdays: Yoga

This morning, the Tadpoles read books all about healthy food with the
teachers. The teachers drew pictures of different fruits and vegetables and
the children tried to identify what they were.

In the front room, the Tadpoles used their fine motor skills to put together
alphabet blocks. Some children also played with dollhouses and engaged in
pretend play. Some pretended to have a picnic and read books.
In the back room, the Tadpoles enjoyed playing with animal heads and with
dollhouses and toy cars.

Outside, some of the Tadpoles had fun exercising with Ms. Yelena. We started
out by doing some stretches by stretching our arms and touching our toes. We
then ran in place and the kids ran back and forth in the yard. Some children
also enjoyed following me as we ran a big circle around the whole Tadpole
yard. The Tadpoles also had fun climbing on the monkey bars and swinging.

Today, the Frogs and jumpers were able to enjoy a special yoga session with
Ms. Melissa! They did various poses such as downward dog, the mountain pose,
and the cat and cow. We are really thankful to Ms. Melissa for coming in to

At Toad Mountain, the jumpers had a great time running down the mountain.
Some children even enjoyed rolling down the hill. Some jumpers climbed on
hay bales and stumps and went down the slide. Some also played pretend and
fed the goats. One jumper even enjoyed digging around in the muddy pit with
a bamboo pole. The swimmers had fun swinging on the swings. Some swimmers
also pushed around the toy trucks and played with legos.

It was a great day at Frog Pond!

Ms. Yelena

Lead Teacher, Tadpole Classroom

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