Frog Fridays: Bug Crazy Mad Book

I forgot to mention that we celebrated a Frog’s Birthday yesterday (as I

would say in the class to the kids, Silly Mr. Mark).  Science Sarah rolled

the birthday biscuits out and sprinkled cinnamon on them.  We served the
biscuits during snack time and crowned the birthday girl as we sang happy
birthday to her!

Today at Morning Meeting Frogs learned that a Frog’s last day will be
tomorrow.  We will definitely miss her and are in the process of making a
good-bye shirt for her (Frogs have been putting handprints and their names
on the shirt with teacher help).

Green Tree Frogs spoke with Ms. MC about what the kids plan to do for
Thanksgiving.  Each Frog had an opportunity to share.  Frogs also
continued to speak about how Emily will be leaving tomorrow.

Northern Green Frogs made a Bug Crazy book with me as a part of the
Feeling Buddies Curriculum.  First, I showed the Frogs the book that
Feelings book that Frogs had already made (there are pictures of happy,
sad, or angry faces).  Today we finished making our Bug Crazy book.  Frogs
drew pictures of when they got Bug Crazy Mad (maybe when someone took a
toy or someone pushed them).  Both books will be available right near the
Safe Place.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed coloring under the Outdoor Classroom at Toad
Mountain.  Some also enjoyed walking along the hay by the digging pit.  I
also saw a group of children who went on a trip via canoe to Disney World
(I gave my ticket to Ms. Linda so she could travel with them).

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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