Tadpole Tuesdays: A Beautiful Day

This morning, the Tadpoles talked about what animals do to get ready for the
winter for example, how bears hibernate. At the art table, the children
played with play dough. In the media table, they scooped mulch with shovels
and containers.

In the front room, the Tadpoles used their fine motor skills to play with
bead mazes. Some children also played with cars and garages. In the back
room, the children enjoyed playing in the tent and on the spinners. Some
children also played on the see-saw and with the toy buses and trucks.

Outside, some of the Tadpoles played a game of red light, green light with
Ms. Yelena. They kept their bodies moving by running or walking when I said
green light and then stopping when I said red light. Some children also
enjoyed swinging on the swings and climbing on the logs. Some also played in
the sand area.

At Toad Mountain, the jumpers played on the swings and did the hand over
hand monkey bars. Some jumpers also played a running game and did an
obstacle course. During this time, the swimmers played on the see-saw and
climbed around the slides and monkey bars. Some swimmers also swung on the
swings and played in the outdoor house.

It was a wonderful day at Frog Pond!

Ms. Yelena

Lead Teacher, Tadpole Classroom

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