Frog Fridays: Ice at Toad Mountain

Today at Morning Meeting Frogs did some silly songs with Ms. Heather—Frogs
enjoyed following hand gestures and singing along.

Afterwards Northern Green Frogs helped Squeak, the mouse puppet, and
Perseus, the lion puppet, to use the Safe Place.  Squeak felt Angry when
someone pulled his tail.  A child tried to help him by giving him the
Feeling Buddy, but even though it helped a little bit, Squeak still felt
angry.  I then suggested that Squeak go to the Safe Place so that he could
take the time to calm down away from other people.  Squeak went to the
Safe Place and did just that.  Later, Perseus went to the Safe Place
because he was scared too!

Green Tree Frogs decorated long pieces of butcher paper for the chickens
that died recently.  Frogs and Teachers wrote “We remember the chickens”
and decorated the poster with feathers and markers.  Later this week we
will share this poster with the rest of the Jumpers at Toad Mountain.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed playing with the ice at Toad Mountain for the
first time this year!  They crushed the ice with blocks into tiny little
pieces.  Some Frogs noticed that the ice was more solid in smaller
containers/digging pits as well.

Some Centers today were trains and tracks and animals and pillow stuffing.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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