Frog Fridays: Leaf Prints in the Fall

Before small group today groups of Frogs played in the back room.  The first group threw soft balls at one another with joy (we threw the balls below the shoulder).  Some Frogs also tried to throw and catch.  The other group enjoyed playing freeze dance with scarves.

Afterwards Northern Green Frogs compared winter and summer squash with Ms.
Kim.  Again, Frogs got to feel the insides of a zucchini and compare it to the insides of a butternut squash.  Then, Ms. Kim and Frogs put some salt and pepper and oil on the zucchini and cooked it so the Frogs could have a tasty squash treat with their lunch!

Green Tree Frogs made leaf prints with me.  I brought in a selection of Beech Tree Leaves and Maple Tree Leaves.  Frogs got to paint the leaf with a variety of colors and then print the leaf on butcher paper.  We ended up with a collage of colorful leaves.  Some Frogs even decided to put the leaf on the paper and paint right over it.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed taking turns playing on the tree in the middle of Toad Mountain.  They also looked for berries on the border between Toad Mountain and the Meadow.  I took two groups of Frogs into the Meadow to play Sleeping Fawn as well.  Frogs discussed with me how a fawn’s main way to protect itself from predators is to hide in bushes and be very quiet.
Then, they became fawns as a wolf (kids took turns being the wolf) came around looking for fawns.  It turns out the wolf had a very hard time finding the fawn because they were so still and quiet!

Some centers today were water and plastic toys and small woodland animals.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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