Frog Fridays: Lots of Food

Today at Morning Meeting Harry shared about his favorite parts of his
birthday which was on Friday (he did a lot of trick or treating).  As we
speak the birthday biscuits are cooking in the oven so we can enjoy them as
a part of our snack.

Northern Green Frogs enjoyed making leaf prints this morning.  I had gotten
a bunch of leaves before the lesson so Frogs could choose a special leaf to
paint and stamp on paper.  Some Frogs took their time painting the leaves
and others put a huge amount of paint on their leaf in a short time.  All
had a fun, sensory experience with paint and leaves!

Green Tree Frogs examined summer and winter squashes.  Ms. Saba cut open a
zucchini, yellow squash, butternut squash (FROM OUR GARDEN), and a pumpkin.
Frogs felt the insides and compared which one was harder and softer.  Then,
she cooked the summer squash with a dash of salt and pepper so Frogs could
enjoy this during lunch.  She also cooked the butternut and pumpkin with
some cinnamon so they could enjoy this during snack!

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed running over ramps and tires at Toad Mountain.
They also enjoyed rolling tires down Toad Mountain.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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