Frog Fridays: Basking in the Fall Weather

Dear Frog Families,

Today at Morning Meeting I told the Frogs about what happened yesterday
weather wise:  it was warm and then clouds along with the rain cooling
things down.  Then, Frogs acted it out.

Afterwards one group of Frogs went to Toad Mountain to play coyote and deer
at Toad Mountain.  After playing that, Frogs added tires and planks onto the
hay bales to make a balancing course.  Some also played Hungry Hippo.  Some
also enjoyed wagon rides.  After lunch, Frogs played Pumpkin hide and seek!

The other group went to Huntley Meadows with Science Sarah and me.  We
noticed lots and lots of leaves on the pathway.  Frogs gathered their
favorite leaves and shared them with another, noting shape, size, and color.
Later on the walk, Frogs enjoyed walking along a log that had fallen.
Science Sarah also did a lesson where Frogs turned into trees and became
aware of their trunk, roots, and leaves.

Some centers today were trains and tracks and paper and markers.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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