Tadpole Tuesdays: Jumping in Leaves

This morning, the Tadpoles created an art project with Ms. Subohi and Ms.
Linda. Ms. Linda drew a picture of a bird and the children glued different
colored feathers onto the picture. At the media table, the Tadpoles used
their sense of touch to play with play dough.

In the front room, the Tadpoles used their fine motor skills to build
different structures with legos. In the back room, they played with school
buses and on the spinners and some children enjoyed jumping around.

Outside, some of the Tadpoles made a large leaf pile! They worked together
to gather dried leaves and put them all into a pile. The children then
took turns jumping into the leaves and running through them. Some children
also enjoyed throwing the leaves in the air and watching them fall all
around. Some Tadpoles enjoyed playing hide and seek and a chasing game
with Ms. Yelena. Others, played in the sandbox, with the toy trucks and on
the swings.

At Toad Mountain, the jumpers played on the slides and in the meadow with
Ms. Saba. Some jumpers also played freeze tag with the frogs and enjoyed
petting the goats that were out on the mountain. During this time, the
swimmers played in the sandbox and the outdoor houses.

The Tadpoles all enjoyed a nice picnic lunch on this beautiful fall day!

It was a great day at Frog Pond!

Ms. Yelena

Tadpole Classroom, Lead Teacher

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