Frog Fridays: Hawk and Snakes

Today at Morning Meeting Ms. Kim did a walking yoga pose where she zoomed slowly like an airplane around the room, coming all the way back to the carpet at the end.

Afterwards Green Tree Frogs talked with Ms. Kim about the differences between summer and fall.  Then, they each got a picture and glued it to the appropriate column, summer or fall.  Summer had pictures of green leaves, green acorns, and flowers.  Fall had pictures of brown acorns, pumpkins, and colorful leaves.

Northern Green Frogs read “Busy Little Squirrel” and then acted the story out with finger puppets.  Frogs got to choose from being a cat, owl, dog, and mouse amongst other animals.  Frogs used funny tones to speak like the animals.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed playing Hawks and Snakes at Toad Mountain.  At first I was the hawk chasing the snakes into the tunnel and then other kids were hawks chasing the snakes around.  Several Frogs and Toads also enjoyed floating bark in the digging pit.

Frogs enjoyed playing with softballs this morning in the backroom.  Some other centers were cars and wooden blocks.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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