Tadpole Tuesdays: Climbing Around

This morning, the Tadpoles glued strings on paper and made different shapes.
Some children also colored on the chalk boards. In the front room, the
Tadpoles played dress-up and read books. The children also played with baby
dolls and enjoyed pushing around the stroller. Some Tadpoles also played in
the kitchen area.

In the back room, the children played with dollhouses and pushed around the
cars and trucks. Some children also played with the soft balls and had fun
putting the balls into the container. Some children played with beads and on
the see-saw and spinners.

Outside, the Tadpoles enjoyed playing in the sandbox and filling up buckets.
Some children also swung on the swings and looked at the goats.

At Toad Mountain, the jumpers had fun climbing on the monkey bars and going
across the parallel monkey bars with Ms. Yelena. Some children also enjoyed
swinging while others colored in the outdoor classroom. Some jumpers also
went to the meadow with the frogs and Mr. Mark to kick and throw around the
balls. During this time, the swimmers made cakes in the sandbox and poured
sand into the water wheel and swung on the swings. Some swimmers also played
in the pretend rocket ship and on the big cars.

It was a fun day at Frog Pond.

Ms. Yelena

Tadpole Classroom, Lead Teacher

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