Frog Fridays: Checking in on the Garden

Today at Morning Meeting we sang “In the Fall it is Cool”, a variation on a song from Preschool Education, an online resource.  After singing, we talked about what happens in the fall—children said it starts to get colder so we wear jackets.  Some also said the leaves change colors.
Someone even said it snows!

One group of Frogs went to Huntley Meadows with Science Sarah and Ms.
Saba.  Frogs noticed that a lot of leaves were falling.  They enjoyed playing with the leaves by throwing them up and creating “leaf storms”.
The children also spotted Green Tree Frogs hopping along as well as a gray snake.  On the way back to Frog Pond, Frogs enjoyed playing running games.

The other group of Frogs played games with Ms. Diana.  One of the games they played was the Fox game.  In this game, the Fox tells children what to do such as crawl or jog in place.  When the Fox yells midnight, the children run away and the person that is tagged by the fox becomes the next fox.  While kids were playing this game, they took turns rotating out to practice how to wash their hands with soap so that all of the germs come off.

Frogs enjoyed building structures at Toad Mountain—both with wooden blocks and bamboo poles.  I took a small group of Frogs to look at our garden and we were super excited to harvest the last bit of Bush Beans as well as to observe two small butternut squashes that are growing.  Right now they are green, but Frogs know that they will turn colors before they
are ready to pick.   While gardening, I asked Frogs what plants grow in
the fall.  Frogs thought that both bush beans and squash grow in the fall.
I also went with a small group of Frogs to visit the goats and chickens.

Some centers today were trains and tracks and sand and shells.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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