Frog Fridays: Yoga and Masks

Today at Morning Meeting we shared pictures of one of the Frog’s trips to the Shenandoah Mountains with his family.  They took pictures of butterflies, caterpillars, and even bears!  They also took pictures of the beautiful leaves starting to turn colors.

Afterwards Green Tree Frogs did some yoga with Ms. Rachel and me in the backroom.  We did a few new yoga poses like horse pose, woodchuck pose, and even bat pose, quite a silly one (I learned of these poses thru Cosmic Yoga Kids).  We also did sunsets, sunrises, and child pose to ease the transition from one pose to another.

Northern Green Frogs worked on their masks for the animal costumes with Ms. Kim.  I just looked at the masks and must admit I am impressed.  Just a few of the animals we will be seeing at the Animal Costume Parade later in October are cats and butterflies.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed playing a variety of games at Toad Mountain including Hungry Hippo with Ms. Saba.  Another group of children enjoyed swinging on the monkey bars and hand-over-hand bars.  Some kids also took delight in digging near the digging pit for lots of wormies.

Some centers today were modeling clay and toothpicks and aquatic animals.

One Final Note—we are noticing less mosquitoes at Toad Mountain as the weather cools down so we are not applying Bug Spray on a daily basis.  We are happy to keep the bug spray in case there suddenly is a very buggy day (then we will apply it).

Mark Hekemian

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