Deer Hop Game

Today at Morning Meeting I told Frogs about 2 buckets full of mud that I found outside of my apartment door.  I told the Frogs I put both of my hands and feet in the buckets of mud and then had to shake all of the mud off.  So Frogs pretended to have mud on them and shook all of the mud off too!

Afterwards Green Tree Frogs read “Shubert Big Voice” by Dr. Becky Bailey.
In this book, a boy takes an apple away from Shubert.  First, Shubert gets mad at the boy.  Then, Mrs. Bookbinder, his teacher, coaches Shubert on how to use his big voice.  Next, even though Shubert is a little scared of using his big voice, he finds the courage to use it.  The boy gives the apple back immediately and they all sing a “Hooray” song.  After reading the book, I had kids role play what it is like to use their big voice when someone takes a block from them.

Northern Green Frogs met Ty and Keisha as a part of the Al’s Pals Curriculum.  First, Al introduced Ty and Keisha.  Ty and Keisha are going to help Al to teach the children all about how to be safe and healthy.
Then, they all of the kids sang a song.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed playing the Deer Hop Game on the backside of Toad Mountain (Story Mountain side).  I stacked logs to make an obstacle course that had children going up and down Story Mountain.  Children cheered one another on as they tackled the course.

Some centers today were modeling clay and plastic waffle blocks.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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