Frog Fridays: It Starts in the Heart

Today at Morning Meeting Frogs listened to “It starts in the Heart”, a Conscious Discipline song.  This song helps Frogs to become the School Family that we have been speaking of.  Frogs have a chance to wave, give a handshake, and hug a friend.

After the song, one Frog showed a skeleton of an animal that he had found with his family near his house.  Frogs observed it and wondered what animal it could have done.  The Frog that found it guessed it was a squirrel.

Afterwards one group of Frogs went to Huntley Meadows with Science Sarah.
They enjoyed finding Triangle seeds along the way and sticking them on each other.  They also spotted a Chickadee and a Woodpecker.  A few children found Frogs and Toads in the small pool.

The other group played Otter Steals Fish with Ms. Saba and me in the Meadow.  One person becomes the Heron and tries to guard the fish (a
bandana) while the Otters in the circle try to steal the fish.  The Otters were learning how to be sneaky and try to steal the fish without being tagged.  After this game, Frogs got a chance to throw and kick balls in the Meadow with me.

Frogs and Jumpers built a tipi out of long wooden branches with Ms. Sue and Ms. Yelena—probably one of the bigger shelters I’ve seen at Toad Mountain!  Also, Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed swinging and running up and down Toad Mountain.  A few Frogs and many Tadpoles enjoyed running through the sprinkler.

Some centers today were trains and tracks and mancala beads and dishes.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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