Frog Fridays: Al and Feeling Buddies

Today at Morning Meeting Ms. Kim talked with Frogs about how she just put up new curtains to cover the shelves.  She explained that Frogs can be safe and helpful by keeping clear of the curtains when they play.

Afterwards Pickerel Frogs got a chance to meet the Al’s Pals puppets.
They especially enjoyed meeting Al and giving him a gentle touch with their pinky.  They will be meeting a lot of more puppets soon!

Spring Peeper Frogs got to say hello to Happy and Sad who are Feeling Buddies.  Frogs thought it was funny when I realized we actually have 2 Happy Buddies and 2 Sad Buddies (I was scared first, but then realized the reason we have 2 of each in case 2 kids want the same buddy)!

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed playing running games such as Hungry Hippo at Toad Mountain.  I took small groups of Frogs and Jumpers to the Meadow to play with the balls.  Children kicked, threw, and patted balls to each other.  Another small group of children enjoyed finding Toads and putting them in the terrarium.

Some centers today were connecting wheels and airplanes.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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