Frog Fridays: Frogs find a turtle at Toad Mountain

Today at Morning Meeting Ms. Saba played a game of Simon Says with the kids.  Kids had to follow what she said, not necessarily what she did (as the game went on, she tried to trick kids by doing one thing and saying another thing).

Afterwards Spring Peeper Frogs went with Ms. Bani.  Frogs worked on identifying happy and sad faces with Ms. Bani.  First Ms. Bani did a happy face and then she did a sad face.  Frogs had to guess which face she was demonstrating.

Pickerel Frogs came with me to practice identifying both scared and angry faces as a part of the Feeling Buddies Curriculum.  First, Frogs said hello to Happy and Sad, 2 buddies they met last week.  Next, another Feeling Buddy Scared popped up!  Frogs all made scared faces and shared times about when they have felt scared such as when they dreamed about something scary.  Finally Frogs met Angry as well.  We listened to “Bye Bye Buddies” and put them back in their home.

Frogs found a turtle at Toad Mountain today.  They noticed it was all by itself.  Frogs formed a circle around the turtle and looked with their eyes.  One Frog wondered why it was moving and another said it may be because it is scared.  Another Frog we should take it back to the classroom and introduce it to Yertle and Fiona, our pet turtles.  Frogs went to play with something else and when they came back, the turtle had scampered away!  Several Frogs and Jumpers also enjoyed coloring and building with wooden blocks in the Outdoor Classroom.

Some centers today were plastic waffle blocks and modeling clay.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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