Tadpole Tuesdays: Sense of Touch

This morning the Tadpoles did a lesson all about touch with Ms. Subohi.
They read a book called “Pat the Bunny” and felt the different textures
inside the book. The children also touched rubber gloves filled with
different materials such as cotton and beans and then talked about the
different textures they were feeling. The Tadpoles noticed how the
different materials felt smooth, scratchy, hard or soft.

At the art table, the Tadpoles colored with markers and used stickers. In
the media table, they used their sense of touch to play with different
colored tulle.

In the front room, the children used their fine motor skills to put
together wooden train tracks. They also played dress-up and in the
kitchen. Some children read books and others enjoyed doing “I love you
rituals”, or positive rhymes, with Ms. Subohi. In the back room, the
Tadpoles pretended to ride around on different animals using the animal
head sticks. They also played with pins and balls as well as on the
spinners and slide.

Outside, some Tadpoles went to the butterfly garden with Ms. Subohi. They
used their sense of touch to touch the different flowers in the garden.
They also observed the tomatoes and watermelons growing near the Frogs’
garden. Some Tadpoles played in the sandbox and played pretend house.

At Toad Mountain, some jumpers had fun swinging and climbing on the monkey
bars with Ms. Yelena. They climbed all the way across the parallel monkey
bars with a little help. Some children also played with the Frogs. The
swimmers enjoyed playing in the sand and on the swings. Some also played
ring around the Rosie and a chasing game with Ms. Subohi.

It was a terrific day at Frog Pond!

Ms. Yelena

Lead Teacher, Tadpole Classroom

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