Frog Fridays: On the Roof!

Today at Morning Meeting Perseus, the Safekeeper, talked to Frogs about his job at Frog Pond (Perseus is a lion puppet with a deep voice).  He explained that his job is to keep the kids safe and gave a few examples of how he does that.

Afterwards, Pickerel Frogs watched a short puppet show by Elizabeth the 1st (a dragonfly with a high voice) and Rover (a Beaver with a silly, deep voice).  The puppets talked with the Frogs about what a school family is by highlighting important people such as teachers, kids, and families.
They also talked to kids about how they can be helpful.

Spring Peeper Frogs played a few rounds of Coyote Stalks Deer at Toad Mountain with Ms. Bani.  They took turns being the coyote who tries to sniff for and find the deer as well as the deer that nibbles for grass while occasionally turning its head to look for predators.

Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed splashing around in water as Ms. Saba showered them with the hose.  Several Frogs and Jumpers chanted “On the roof”!  Ms.
Saba made them happy as she squirted the water on the roof of the Outdoor Classroom, making a loud noise as the water cascaded down the rooftop.
For the second day in a row Frogs caught several Frogs and Toads.

Some centers today were patterned wooden blocks and various colors of modeling clay (several Frogs gave me orange pancakes to eat—delicious!)

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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