Frog Fridays: Frogs Pretend Volcano Erupts in Sandbox

Today at Morning Meeting I shared that one Frog will have his last day will be tomorrow.
He shared that his favorite memory has been pumping on the swings with his friends.  Frogs and Ms. Saba have been working on making a T-shirt with Frog handprints that we will give to him tomorrow.

Afterwards Spring Peeper Frogs had to use their sense of touch to determine what different objects are while blindfolded.  Ms. Saba had put several objects in a sock puppet.  After grouping Frogs with partners, one partner retrieved an object and another Frog had to guess what the object was with a blindfold on.

Pickerel Frogs used their sense of smell to try to match different items that were concealed (paprika, cinnamon, garlic powder, onion, and lemon).
I gave each Frog a cup with one item in it.  Frogs had to find the other child with the same item.  Frogs didn’t like the smell of garlic, but they certainly did enjoy the smell of cinnamon.

Just a few minutes ago Frogs enjoyed pretending that a volcano was erupting in the sandbox.  We put sand into a pail and filled it so that it looked like a mountain of sand.  Scientists determined when the volcano was going to erupt and shouted to the others to take cover.  Frogs and I ran wherever we could to take shelter—houses, behind gates, etc.  The sand volcano swept up everything in its path such as trees and roads.

Some centers today were scissors and magazines and pillow stuffing and animals.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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