Tadpole Tuesdays: Reflections

This morning the Tadpoles used mirrors to look at their faces with Ms.
Subohi. They held little mirrors and talked about what they saw. They described different parts of their face and talked about what each part of the face is for, for example that the eyes are used to see and the tongue to taste. At the art table, the Tadpoles drew pictures using crayons. In the media table, they scooped up and made sounds with rice and lentils.

In the front room, the children used their fine motor skills to put together waffle blocks. They also read books and played pretend using the dress-up clothes. Some Tadpoles also sang songs with Ms. Subohi. In the back room, the Tadpoles played with soft balls. Some children took turns hiding in the bin under the balls with Ms. Diana’s help. Others also played on the slide and spinners.

Outside, the Tadpoles used little dental mirrors to look into holes and under logs with Ms. Yelena. They saw ants and spider webs and enjoyed examining different parts of the yard such as the sand and grass. Some Tadpoles also looked at their faces through the mirrors and talked about what parts they could see. Some children helped Ms. Diana to pick ripe tomatoes from the Tadpole garden. Some also played hide and seek.

At Toad Mountain, the jumpers built with wooden blocks. Some also played different running games such as catch. During this time some swimmers, picked lemon balm and mint leaves and noticed how they smell and taste.
Some also played on the slides and the swings, and enjoyed playing with the sand.

It was a fantastic day at Frog Pond!

Ms. Yelena

Lead Teacher, Tadpole Classroom

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