Frog Fridays: Matching Game and This is My Face

Today at Morning Meeting a Frog shared about all of the nature items she has
been collecting—this included dead bees, a smooth, magnetic rock, and blue
egg shells.

Afterwards Spring Peeper Frogs did a Dinosaur Matching Game with Ms. Kim.
Each Frog took a turn hiding a dinosaur and giving clues to help the other
members of the group guess which dinosaur he or she had.

Pickerel Frogs sang a song with me from the Feeling Buddies Curriculum:
This is my face, This is my face,
This is my face when I feel happy (insert feeling buddy emotion) When I feel
happy, I look like this, This is my face when I feel happy.
After singing this song with Sad and Scared as well, Frogs talked with me
about when they can go to use the Safe Place (they can use it whenever they
feel upset and want to calm down).  Then, they took turns practicing how  to
use the Safe Place.

Frogs played a variety of running games at Toad Mountain including an
Airplane game and pretend games.  Some Frogs enjoyed pumping on the swings
all the way to the sky.  Others played in the somewhat wet, somewhat dry

Some centers today were woodland animals, whiteboards and markers, and rice
and containers.  Also, please remember to check the lost and found for any
misplaced clothing by this Thursday.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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