Tadpole Tuesdays: Climbing the Mountain

It’s exciting to be back at Frog Pond after a long weekend! We would like to
welcome a new student to the Frog Pond! Today during his first day he really
 enjoyed watching the goats and chickens and playing in the sand.
This morning, the Tadpoles had a water lesson with Ms. Subohi. They made
bubbles in the indoor media table, using soapy water. The Tadpoles watched
how bubbles were created using egg beaters. They also used a funnel to pour
the water. At the art table, the children used scissors to cut out pictures
from magazines.In the front room, the Tadpoles created various structures using connecting
blocks. They also put together train tracks for the toy trains.
Some Tadpoles played in the kitchen and pretended to cook and have a picnic
while others played dress-up. Some Tadpoles also read books with Ms. Subohi.
In the back room, the children pushed around toy school buses and trucks and
moved them from one end of the room to the other.

Outside, the Tadpoles had another water lesson with Ms. Yelena and Ms.
Diana. They carried water into the sandbox and watched how the sand changed
when it became wet. They learned that sand becomes sticky when it is wet,
which makes it possible to build sand castles. They also noticed how dry
sand falls apart and does not stay together when they tried to make castles.
Some Tadpoles used shovels to dig in the sand and to carry water to the
sandbox. Others used the dump trucks to move sand around.

At 11 am the Jumpers went to Toad Mountain with Ms. Shemu. Ms Gail helped
open the top of the Mountain and the jumpers were able to run and climb all
the way to the top. They also enjoyed running up and down the mountain. Some
jumpers played on the monkey bars while others enjoyed building with blocks.
While the jumpers were at Toad Mountain, the swimmers stayed with Ms.
Angelica and Ms. Yelena. Some swimmers swung on the swings and pretended
they were birds, airplanes, and superman. Others played on the slides and in
the sandbox.

It was another fun day at Frog Pond!


Ms. Yelena

Lead Teacher, Tadpole Classroom
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