Frog Fridays: Butterflies in the Meadow

Today at Morning Meeting I told Frogs that Elizabeth the 1st just turned 5 years old yesterday!  Elizabeth the 1st has never celebrated her birthday, but the Frogs told her they would help her celebrate her birthday today.
Many of the Frogs made cards for her this morning and I think we are going to sing the Happy Birthday song to her during snack.

Spring Peeper Frogs played a guessing game with Ms. Kim.  Frogs took turns putting various small objects on a plate.  While one Frog covered the small objects, the other Frogs had to guess what the objects were.

Pickerel Frogs put bandanas on and tried to walk around Toad Mountain without their sense of sight.  The Frogs yelled in delight as they tried to navigate around.  Some of the Frogs tried to find me as I called out to them.

Frogs and Jumpers played Freeze Tag and Hungry Hippo at Toad Mountain.
They also built structures with the wooden blocks.  A group of them came with me to the Meadow to try to find butterflies.  We walked on a path thru the bushes in search for the butterflies.  Although we didn’t catch any butterflies with the nets, we did spot quite a few of the butterflies at the top of the tall, purple flowers.

Some centers today were cars and ramps, baby dolls, and paper and markers.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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