Frog Fridays: Frog Team and the Parachute

Today at Morning Meeting one Frog talked to the class since today will be his last day.  He mentioned that he was really excited to go to the same school as his older brother.  We’re excited for him too, but certainly will miss him.

Some Frogs had also made presents such as a crown and drawings for Squeak, our puppet mouse.  As they presented the gifts to Squeak, he said his first word that I or the Frogs have heard:  “crown”.  Then, he said a few of the Frogs names that had given him presents.

Afterwards Spring Peeper Frogs read “Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale Problem” and then went outside to Toad Mountain to see exactly how long a whale is.  Ms. Saba and the Frogs used measuring tape to count 25 feet.
They learned that the Blue Whale is even longer than that!  They actually measured out to 80 feet, the full length of a blue whale.

Ms. Bani first read a book about bees with Pickerel Frogs.  Then, the Frogs turned into bees and started flying from flower to flower while making their “buzz” sound.

For the first time that I can remember in my 11 months here, almost every single Frog (12 Frogs today) took an end of the parachute and walked in a circle.  I must admit it looked pretty neat seeing all of the Frogs working together.  Each Frog took a turn sitting in the middle while the other Frogs walked in a circle.  Another group of Frogs made a train station in the Outdoor Classroom.  A few also took turns going on the swings and climbing the monkey bars.

Some centers today were small Legos, and beans and containers.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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