Frog Fridays: Huntley Meadows and bush beans

Today at Morning Meeting the frogs sang songs with Ms. Diana, Ms. Saba and
Ms. Bani. They learned a Becky Bailey version of Twinkle, Twinkle.

Afterwards, a group went to Huntley Meadows with Science Sarah and me. We
saw 6 daddy longlegs and a caterpillar on the walk out, then frogs, turtles,
a goose, dragonflies, many snails and a well hidden wolf spider while on the
boardwalk. Ask your child if they went today. If so, have them describe an
animal that was floating on it’s back-we guessed it may have been a sick
tadpole. On the way back we petted 2 friendly dogs, played hungry frog and
learned the sunshine game.

The other Frogs did some weeding, watering and harvesting. They picked some
bush beans and cucumbers and ate all of the beans that they picked.
Back on Toad Mountain one of the Frogs put on a show for the Tadpoles during
shared play time. Some children built block castles, some searched for
critters under the logs and some helped with the goats, who visited Toad
Mountain today.

Centers today included drawing with markers, woodland animals with trees and
stumps, plastic people in the dollhouse, trains, dice and Barrels of

Kim Frey
Frog Associate Teacher

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