Tadpole Tuesdays: Going Fishing

This morning the Tadpoles read the book, “Rainbow Fish” with Ms. Subohi.
They talked about how the fish are different colors and discussed that
fish live in the water. They then did an art project where they glued
scales to pictures of fish. They also used water mixed with food coloring
to drop on the pictures to create rainbow colored fish. In the media
table, the Tadpoles used their sense of hearing to play with shakers and a
snake. They shook the objects and listened to the sounds they made.

In the front room, the Tadpoles used their fine motor skills to put
together wooden blocks and trains. They also played dress-up and pretended
to be kings and queens. Some children played in the kitchen while others
used puppets to play pretend. In the back room, the children had a great
time dancing to music. Some Tadpoles played on the slides and see-saw
while others enjoyed pushing around toy trucks.

Outside, some Tadpoles went to Huntley Meadows with Science Sarah and Ms.
Angelica. They saw a lot of exciting animals such as snakes, frogs,
turtles and geese! The children really enjoyed singing songs and
pretending they were animals. While the children were at Huntley Meadows,
some Tadpoles had a lesson with Ms. Yelena. They pretended to go fishing
in the outdoor media table using magnetic fishing rods to catch plastic
fish in the water. The children noticed how the fish float on the surface
because they are light, while heavy objects would sink to the bottom. We
talked about how fish are not able to survive outside of the water and
that they have gills. We also discussed that people have lungs which they
use to breathe the air, something that fish cannot do. The children
learned that they could let the fish go after catching them and that some
people also eat the fish.

Some Tadpoles also went to visit the goats with Ms. Heather while others
enjoyed playing in the sand. The jumpers went to Toad Mountain and had fun
playing Frisbee while others enjoyed running up and down the mountain and
playing on the monkey bars and swings. Other jumpers also played with
wooden blocks. During this time, the swimmers played in the sandbox with
Ms. Yelena. They enjoyed building sand castles and pouring water into the

It was another awesome day at Frog Pond!

Ms. Yelena

Lead Teacher, Tadpole Classroom

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