Frog Fridays: Box Turtle and Harvesting Beans and Cucumber

Today at Morning Meeting Frogs welcome 2 former Tadpoles into our classroom.  When they came into the Frog classroom, they still had Tadpole Tails on.  They each removed the tails and got their Frog Crowns.  Then, we sang the Becky Bailey Welcome song.  We walked in a circle and stopped occasionally to give them a smile, a hug, and a handshake.

Afterwards all Frogs went outside.  Spring Peeper Frogs found a Box Turtle at Toad Mountain (again) and put it a large Terrarium with water, mulch, and grass.

Pickerel Frogs learned some of the Connecting Songs from the Feeling Buddies Curriculum in the Meadow.  I did the Feeling Buddies version of A Wonderful Woman.  Frogs also shared what they like to do best.  Many shared that they like to go swimming with their family.

At Toad Mountain Frogs enjoyed running down the hill which was just opened yesterday.  They also enjoyed climbing over the tire obstacle course.
Small groups of Frogs also went to water the plants and pick bush beans a large cucumber—we’re going to cut this cucumber for snack!

Some centers today were connecting blocks and ink pads and paper.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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