Frog Fridays: Building a City and Wet Sand

Today at Morning Meeting Elizabeth the 1st told the Frogs about all of the helpful things she had seen Frogs do, such as share markers with friends, or give a Feeling Buddy to a sad Frog.

For small group Spring Peeper Frogs played in the sand and water in the wading pool at Toad Mountain.  The wading pool already had sand, so Frogs brought a wagon full of water as well as sand toys.  Since the sand was as dry as powder, we poured buckets of water in little by little and compared the super dry sand to the clumpy, wet sand.  As the Frogs poured more water into the wading pool, the sand became completely submerged in water.
 One Frog said this was like the ocean.  I asked the Frogs how the sand becomes dry again.  One Frog said to put it in the oven (so instead of putting it in the oven we put it out in the sun).

While Spring Peeper Frogs did this, Pickerel Frogs built a city with cardboard corners in the Outdoor Classroom.  They used the materials to make a supermarket, roads, and other buildings.  I also gave them a tape measure to see how tall the building was.

At Toad Mountain Frogs and Jumpers enjoyed playing with the cardboard corners.  A few Frogs took the cardboard apart and then put them back together with tape.  As a part of their dramatic play they told me they were charging 15 dollars for a cardboard tube.  I asked them what they would do with the money afterwards and they told me they would share it.
Another group of Frogs found a fuzzy black caterpillar and a small turtle.
 This was the first time I saw a turtle at Toad Mountain—super exciting!
 Frogs observed the turtle as it crawled along the edge of the fence.  One Frog said he felt bad for it because it wanted to get on the other side of the fence.  We’ll check on the turtle later to see how it’s doing.

Some centers today were marbles and ramps and International Puppets.

Mark Hekemian
Frog Lead Teacher

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