Tadpole Tuesdays: Using Our Imaginations

This morning in the back room, the Tadpoles pretended to go on a trip with
Ms. Shemu and Ms. Subohi. They pretended to go to Disney World to ride the
roller coasters and other attractions. Some children also enjoyed playing
with the dollhouses and pretending that the dolls lived in the house.

In the front room, the Tadpoles stacked and arranged wooden, alphabet
blocks. They also played in the kitchen and pretended to bake. They were
being very safe by making sure to use oven mitts while baking. They also
played dress-up and pretended to be animals and kings. Some Tadpoles also
read books with Ms. Subohi.

At the art table, the Tadpoles learned about shapes. They glued different
shape cut-outs onto paper. In the media table, the children played with
rubber ducks. The ducks floated in water, and some Tadpoles enjoyed
squishing them and moving them around.

Outside, the Tadpoles played in the sandbox. They built towers and used
toy trucks to move sand around. They also played kitchen and made cakes
and soup with the sand and grass. Some children played on the swings and
enjoyed pulling each other in the red wagon.

At Toad Mountain, the jumpers played in a wading pool filled with sand.
They also enjoyed being active by running around with the frogs and
playing on the monkey bars and slide. While the jumpers were at Toad
Mountain the swimmers continued to play in the sand with Ms. Yelena. Some
swimmers also identified a squirrel and watched it run around and jump on
the trees.

It was a fun-filled day at Frog Pond!


Ms. Yelena

Lead Teacher, Tadpole Classroom

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