Today during small group time Pickerel Frogs turned into clouds and wind as I told a story about a storm that develops.  Frogs that wanted to be Clouds took cotton balls and those that wanted to be Wind used their hands and made whirling noises.  In the story, the Wind pushes the Clouds together.  Once all of the Clouds cluster together, rain starts to fall (Frogs used their hands to imitate the rain trickling down).  Soon enough, thunder started (Frogs clapped their hands together).  The thunder and rain stop quite quickly, and the Wind breaks the Clouds apart once again.

While Pickerel Frogs were acting out a story, Spring Peeper Frogs became scientists trying to determine how clouds develop.  Each Frog had a water bottle with a tiny bit of water in it.  Ms. Saba struck a match and dropped it in each bottle.  She shut the bottle with a cap as quickly as possible to try and trap all of the gas inside.  Frogs counted to 10 and then tried to squeeze the bottle.  Finally, Frogs saw a tiny little clouds develop in the bottle.

At Toad Mountain, Frogs and Jumpers played a variety of games.  We started by playing Hungry Hippo and then switched to Walrus eats the Fish.  Walrus eats the Fish is a game that a Frog designed; in this game, the Walrus has to run after and catch the fish.  Once the fish are caught, they turn into walruses as well.  Each round, someone else started out as the walrus.

During this game, I saw a lot of smiling Frogs and Jumpers being helpful towards one another.  Other Frogs and Jumpers asked questions about why the top of Toad Mountain was fenced off.  Teachers explained that families worked hard over the weekend to build Toad Mountain back up and add grass seeds.  Soon enough Frogs will be playing at the top again!

Centers today were cars and ramps, farm animals, arctic animals and water, and toothpicks and clay.


Mark Hekemian

Frog Lead Teacher

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