Frog Fun: Huntley Meadows and Animal Costumes

FallFestIcon_fbToday at Morning Meeting a Frog shared that she will be leaving Frog Pond soon (her family will be moving out of the area).  She also shared about one of her favorite memories at Frog Pond—getting birthday biscuits.  I also encouraged other Frogs to share their favorite memories with her as well.

One group of Frogs went with Ms. Bani and Science Sarah to Huntley Meadows.

It was certainly a Squirrel Day.  Frogs found many strips of oak with acorn caps but no nuts.  They had been cut off trees by the squirrels.  They also found 2 squirrel nests (dreys)—bunches of leaves in the tree nooks.  2 squirrels were digging and eating under a tree.

Frogs discussed what animals do when it is cold and wet.  They even huddled close together like snakes do underground in the wintertime.

Frogs also got a chance to stop at the Visitor Center to watch the snake and compare it to the snake skeleton.

The other group stayed with Ms. Saba and I to work on their animal costumes for the parade which is less than a week away!  Frogs used their knowledge to decide what body parts they wanted to make.  One Frog wanted penguin feet and another Frog wanted a hedgehog tail.  For the majority of costumes, Frogs asked Ms. Saba and me to cut items and then Frogs colored the items in.  Most Frogs finished their costumes—soon enough the animals will venture outside and parade around!

At Toad Mountain one Frog found clear, gel-like eggs bunched together by the Outdoor Classroom (they were no more than 1 cm in diameter).  Frogs thought it may be Frog eggs but Science Sarah said it is probably snail or slug eggs.  After examining them closely, Frogs put the eggs back where they came from.  We will check on them again tomorrow.  Other Frogs climbed on the hand-over-hand bars, monkey bars, and built tall towers with wooden blocks.

A few even rolled tires down the hill!

Centers today were wood blocks and cars, animal dress-up, water and basters, and paper and foam letters.  It was another beautiful fall day at Frog Pond!



Mr. Mark

Acting Frog Lead Teacher

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