Tadpole Tales: Autumn Leaves

This morning, the Tadpoles compared shapes of leaves, using different shaped blocks to see which shapes the leaves seemed most like. The Tadpoles found star shaped leaves, oval shaped leaves, and heart shaped leaves. They also found that some leaves had smooth edges and others had rough edges. After that, the Tadpoles read books about Autumn. The books talked about how the leaves change color, it rains more, and that animals start collecting food to save for during winter.

In the back room, the Tadpoles enhanced their gross motor skills as they danced to the music, climbed up and down the slide, spun on sit-n-spins, and crawled through the tunnel over and over. The Tadpoles also did pretend play with firetrucks and cars, pushing them around the room.

In the front room, the Tadpoles practiced their fine motor skills while making clusters and long chains of star blocks. The Tadpoles also made baby dolls comfortable by covering them with blankets and putting them to sleep.

At one point, some of the Swimmers took turns asking me to help them learn how to push the star blocks together. Once they got the hang of it, they went to go build things on their own.

Outside, in the great weather, the Tadpoles explored the yard. Some searched for bugs under logs, some looked at a toad the Ms. Kim found, and others explored the herb garden. The Tadpoles enhanced their gross motor skills while they climbed, pushed the cars up and down the sidewalk, moved logs, swung on swings, and ran around. Ms. Kim handed the toad off to me and I went and showed the rest of the Tadpoles. They all noticed how bumpy its skin was and what color it was and giggled whenever it tried to hop out of my hands.

At one point, some Tadpoles were feeding leaves to the goats. I let them know that the goats like the green ones off the ground. After that, one Tadpole, every time he found a green leaf, excitedly exclaimed “I found a green one” then energetically fed it to the goats. This happened six or seven times.

At 11, the Jumpers went to Toad Mountain to play with the Frogs. While there, they explored the properties of gravity and friction by taking different sized rocks to the top of the slide and then letting them slide down. Some of the rocks didn’t make it down all the way while some went down faster than others. In the outdoor classroom, some Jumpers and Frogs made a school out of blocks, even using some blocks to represent parents leaving the school. The Jumpers and Frogs also dug in the muddy digging pit, pretending to build something.

While the Jumpers were at Toad Mountain, the Swimmers took turns on the swings, climbed on and through the tunnel, and pushed cars up and down the sidewalk. When lunchtime arrived, the Swimmers helped spread the tablecloth over the picnic tables. Then the Tadpoles all enjoyed a nice lunch outside, chatting with each other and enjoying the pleasant, cool shade of the maple tree.

It was a fantastic day at Frog Pond.


~Ms. Heather

Lead Frog Teacher

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