Tadpole Tales: Squirrles

This morning, the Tadpoles learned about squirrels. They learned that squirrels live in woodlands, eat nuts, and make homes out of sticks and leaves. After reading a book about squirrels and discussing the different pictures, the Tadpoles colored their own picture of a squirrel.

In the back room, the Tadpoles enhanced their gross motor skills as they played. They climbed up and down the slide, pushed cars around while playing make believe, spun on sit-n-spins, rode on seesaws, and pushed and picked up the big mats to make a fort under the slide.

In the front room, the Tadpoles practiced their fine motor skills as they played with blocks, trains, and baby dolls. They built tall towers and knocked them over, pushed trains around on tracks, and carefully put blankets on “sleeping” baby dolls. The Tadpoles also hopped on different letters on the alphabet mat, sometimes even laying on them.

Outside, in the pleasant weather, the Tadpoles enhanced their gross motor skills as they climbed the dome and towers, ran around the yard, and played in toy cars. At one point, the Tadpoles helped gather leaves and sticks to make a squirrels nest. They filled a cardboard box with the items and talked with me about what squirrels do with their houses. One Jumper explained that squirrels live in trees. Upon being asked why, he explained it was to hide.

Then we talked about how being in trees helps keep them safe. The Tadpoles had a lot of fun making their own squirrels nest.


At 11, the Jumpers went to Toad Mountain to play with their Frog friends.

While there, they followed the goats, feeding them leaves and grass, practiced their swinging skills, played make believe with the canoe and rocks, and built towers with the building blocks in the outdoor classroom.

While the Jumpers were at Toad Mountain, the Swimmers continued playing and exploring the yard. Some explored the herb garden, others took turns on the swings, and some dug in the sand, making pretend food.


It was a fun day at Frog Pond.


~Ms. Heather

Lead Tadpole Teacher

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