Frog Fun: Facial Expressions and Seed Hunt


Today during Morning Meeting we talked about how to put the caps on markers.  Several of the Frogs demonstrated how to close markers, and within a few seconds, everyone wanted to volunteer!  This will help the Frogs build a sense of responsibility for materials.

A few minutes later, Ms. Bani took the Spring Peeper Frogs and discussed how people show different emotions on their faces as a part of the Al’s Pals curriculum.  This skill will definitely help the Frogs throughout their lives as the majority of communication is through body language.

Some of the emotions they spoke of were sadness, anger, disappointment, and excitement.  They were able to look at the teacher chart which has facial expressions for each emotion.  They also had an opportunity to show each facial expression one at a time.

Ms. Saba and I took the Pickerel Frogs on a seed hunt through Frog Pond because during the fall plants lay down seeds.  First, we brainstormed what seeds are.  Then, we decided where it would be best to look for seeds outside.  We looked under trees and by bushes in both Toad Mountain and the Meadow.  Frogs found many different types of seeds—some within leaves and others within flowers that the plant produces.  We will put them on the science table for Frogs to explore this week.

At Toad Mountain we had four special visitors—Freida, Gizmo, Henry, and Max (the goats).  Frogs built a goat roller coaster with the wooden blocks just for them.  Although the goats chose not to take a ride on it today, the Frogs made a valiant effort to please the goats.  Other Frogs and

Jumpers played on the monkey bars and swings.   A few even looked for beetles.

Centers were sand and animals, roads, tracks, and cars, stamps and papers, and party dress up.  It has been an awesome day—I look forward to seeing what discoveries the Frogs will make tomorrow!



Mark Hekemian

Acting Frog Lead Teacher

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