Tadpole Tales: Family Portraits and Toads

This morning, the Tadpoles drew pictures of their family. They had fun practicing their fine motor skills as they made scribbles, circles, and lines while drawing pictures of you. They pointed out who was who and the teachers labeled their artwork.


In the back room, the Tadpoles worked on their gross motor skills as they played. They spun on sit-n-spins, climbed up and down the slide, picked up and and moved the big mats, jumped on and off the big mats, ran around in circles, and danced to the music.


In the front room, the Tadpoles enhanced their gross motor skills while playing with trains and tracks. They built long straight tracks and some curvy ones, then pushed their trains all along the tracks. The Tadpoles also enjoyed playing make believe with dress up clothes. They even dressed up baby dolls and used them in their make believe games.


Outside, in the nice cool weather, the Tadpoles enhanced their gross motor skills while climbing, swinging, helping Ms. Gail fix the little fences around the tree limbs, pushing and riding in cars, and running around the yard. The Tadpoles dug in the sand, pretending to plant seeds, and played make believe in the houses. While the Tadpoles were helping fix the fences, they found a toad. One of the Jumpers carefully picked it up and showed his classmates. Then the Tadpoles helped put mulch and leaves in a terrarium so everyone could view the toad. Later, the Tadpoles took turns helping to water their garden.


At 11, the Jumpers went to Toad Mountain to play with the Frogs. Some Frogs and Jumpers were mixing dirt, water, rocks, and grass to make soup.

They kindly shared many helpings with me (it tasted yummy, of course).

Another group of Frogs and Jumpers were pretending to build things with bamboo. Another group was working on their leg pumping skills on the swings.

The goats were in the yard, so the Jumpers had a lot of fun watching them eat leaves and grass.


While the Jumpers were at Toad Mountain, the Swimmers continued playing the Tadpole yard. They climbed on the dome, tower, rocket ship, and tunnel. The Swimmers also took turns on the swings.


It was a fun day at Frog Pond.


~Ms. Heather

Lead Tadpole Teacher

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