Frog Fun: Pipeline Trail and Tongue Mapping

Today at morning meeting, Sebastian showed the class three pet hermit crabs he got while on his vacation. The children were enthralled with the little animals and enjoyed gently touching one of them.


In Ms. Bani’s group this morning the Leopard Frogs made maps of their tongues. They worked with a partner who touched a cotton swab to different parts of their tongues. There were four tastes they mapped – sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. At the point where they could taste it, they would raise a finger, and the corresponding part of their tongue map would be colored with a certain color for that taste. Hopefully they brought their maps home with them today and can tell you about it.


In my group this morning, Mr. Pourash and I took the Green Tree Frogs on the Pipeline Trail. Thank you for sending them with pants today. There wasn’t much poison ivy that I could see, but it’s good to play it safe. We found tent caterpillars on some Dogsbane plants. One Frog found a fuzzy white caterpillar. We also saw some frogs in puddles created by tire tracks and rain. We also saw a large, black vulture in Grandmother Oak Tree! We watched it silently for several minutes as it hopped from branch to branch. I think it could tell we were watching. While we walked, we also listened carefully for wind in the trees, crickets, and whatever else we could hear. The children enjoyed navigating around and through the mud, dry creek, and tall plants! They also pretended there was a bear in the woods, and they had to be sneaky, so it wouldn’t find them!


At Toad Mountain today, some of the Frogs played a game they made up, in which they were stink bugs. They would sniff each other and then run away!

Others pretended to be squirrels gathering nuts for the winter – perhaps inspired by the cool weather today. Some played chasing games. Others played on monkey bars and swings. Some went looking for small creatures.

The Jumpers joined them in many of these pursuits. The Frogs also enjoyed a picnic on this beautiful day!


Centers this morning were stencils and colored pencils, dinosaurs with sand, community helpers dress up, and small legos. It was another fabulous day at the Pond!



Ms. Diana

Acting Director of School Family

Lead Frog Teacher


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