Frog Fun:Making a Metro Map and Gardening

This morning in Ms. Saba’s group, the Leopard Frogs looked at a map of the metro. Then they made their own maps of their own metro stations with colored tape. They enjoyed doing it!


In my group the Green Tree Frogs went outside and worked in the garden. We pulled out a lot of weeds! We also harvested some carrots and sugar snap peas. We planted watermelon and cantaloupe seeds as well. They worked hard and did a great job!


At Toad Mountain today many of the frogs played on the acrobat swing. They took turns swinging on it and hanging upside down. Others swung on regular swings, climbed monkey bars, and played on slides. Some played pretend family on the stage. Others went looking for bugs and toads. Some played in the tunnel. Others gathered flowers and pebbles and gave them to teachers.


Centers this morning were colored blocks with cars, sleepy time dress-up, rice with containers, and clay with toothpicks. It was another great day at the Pond!



Ms. Diana

Lead Frog Teacher


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