Frog Fun: Day of the Vultures

Today in morning meeting we sang the “I’m a tree,” song. It’s a favorite that is sung at the Grandmother Oak Tree Tea party, and we want to remember it.

In Ms. Merle’s small group this morning the Leopard Frogs learned a new song called, “The Roots on the Trees,” to the tune of, “The Wheels on the Bus.”

Then they made pictures of trees using their hands and forearms.

They put brown paint on their forearms, hands, and fingers, and then stamped them onto paper! They then used paintbrushes or fingers to make leaves on their trees. They had a fun time making it and talking about the parts of a tree.

In my small group the Green Tree Frogs went out to the garden to plant. We planted cantelope seedlings that we had started indoors. We also planted pumpkin seeds, bean seeds, and flower seedlings.

While we were out planting, a large Black Vulture flew into the goats’ yard! It was probably a couple of feet tall and had a wingspan of four or five feet! Our goat Henry noticed it and kept eyeing it. It tried to get close to the ducks’ pond, and at first Henry wouldn’t let it. He put his head down and stomped his foot, threatening it. It flew up to the roof of the duck house. Max even joined in threatening the vulture too. The vulture hopped around on the ground just out of their reach.

When the goats realized it wasn’t being aggressive back at them, they backed off a bit but still watched cautiously. The vulture walked over to the pond and took a couple of drinks from it. (This is all happening while we are about 4-5 feet away inside the garden fence!) Once the vulture had taken a drink, Henry put his head down and stomped his foot again. The vulture flew into our garden! It landed on Ms. Barbara’s vertical plant net frames. It teetered there for a bit, then flew to the roof of the goats’ house. Henry was still watching it, and it finally decided to fly off somewhere else and land in a tree.

Later when we were out playing at Toad Mountain, we saw two Turkey Vultures soaring overhead. They were soon joined by two more Turkey Vultures! We watched them glide gracefully on the air currents up and down and around in large circles. At the end of Toad Mountain time we played a game we made up in honor of the vultures. I was the vulture and the children were dead animals hiding. After I counted to 20 and they hid, I came to find and eat them. Once they were eaten, they became vultures to help me find more food.

It was a fun game!

Also at Toad Mountain today the frogs played pretend with chalk. They decorated the tower, benches, the tunnel, the barn, the basketball hoop, the outdoor classroom, almost every surface with chalk. Some played super heroes. Others played chasing games. Some played on the stumps. Others practiced their skills on the acrobat swing. They also enjoyed a picnic in this beautiful weather!

Centers this morning were stickers with paper, cloud stuffing, baby dolls, and cars with trucks and roads. Hooray for a fun time at Frog Pond!



Ms. Diana

Lead Frog  Teacher


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