Tadpole Tales: Pinwheels

The Tadpoles explored with with pinwheels today. They waved them all around in the back room. They used their hands to spin them and blew on them, too.

The Jumpers talked about how wind is what spun the pinwheels and that wind is moving air. The Swimmers were mesmerized by the spinning wheels. They all had a fun time.


In the back room, the Tadpoles played with small cars and trucks, soft balls, musical instruments, and sea-saws. They also went down the slide over and over. When the pinwheels were out, the Tadpoles danced around as they waved them. One Jumper came up to me and showed that she had stuck the stick of her pinwheel through the holes in the soft balls and was spinning the pinwheel with the ball on the end.


In the front room, the Tadpoles played with star blocks, baby dolls, toy food, books, and the shopping cart. The Tadpoles made long chains and clusters with the star blocks. Some Tadpoles sorted the blocks by color.


Outside, in the beautiful weather, the Tadpoles played all over the yard.

They watched the baby goats get fed; one of the Tadpoles got to help feed the goats. After that, the pinwheels were brought out and the Tadpoles played with them for most of the rest of outdoor time. They ran around, like a dance, waving the pinwheels up in the air, watching them spin and spin. At one point, a Jumper decided to stick a pinwheel in a hole and watch the wind do its thing. Other Tadpoles joined in the fun and there were four or five pinwheels stuck in holes, spinning in the wind.


At 11, the Jumpers went to Toad Mountain. While there, they played on the balance beams, in the climbing area, and by the mud hole. I decided it would be fun to roll down Toad Mountain, and the Frogs and Jumpers agreed with me.

We all rolled down the hill, sometimes rolling over each other (safely, of course). At the bottom they attacked! 🙂 It turned into a super fun wrestling match. Me against eight or nine, some of them pretending to be vultures. After about ten minutes of this (yes, I feel the burn still), it was time for the Jumpers to go back to the Tadpole yard.


While the Jumpers were at Toad Mountain, half of the Swimmers played in the Tadpole yard. The other half went to Huntley Meadows. Those at Frog Pond played in the sand box, looked cute while watching the baby goats look cute, played in the toy cars, and swung on the swings.


The Swimmers who went to Huntley Meadows heard woodpeckers pecking for bugs and other birds chirping to each other. They stopped by the little frog pond to see if any frogs were showing their faces. They weren’t, but the Swimmers enjoyed looking in the water and seeing the plantlife that was there.


It was a great day at Frog Pond.


~Miss Heather

Lead Tadpole Teacher


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