Frog Fun: A Muddy Day!

Today in Ms. Bani’s group, the children had a visit from their puppet friend, Al. I didn’t get to visit with Ms. Bani about what they did, but I’m sure they had a good time and learned a lot. I will report again on it later this week.

In my group this morning, the Leopard Frogs tried their hands at making simple paper airplanes and flying them. They were able to do a decent job of it, with the very simple pattern we used! They then practiced flying them and noticed how the air held up the planes.

Outdoors today it was raining when we first went out. It quickly proceeded from raining to pouring! Most of the frogs took advantage of the pouring rain and stomped around in puddles. Some played in the digging pit, where the water almost came to the tops of their boots! Others ran through a large puddle near the tunnel. It wasn’t long before almost everyone was soaking wet! The Jumpers also joined us for some of this very wet fun!

When we came inside, just about everyone had to change! But they had a fabulous time!

Two frogs helped me to feed the new baby goats at 1:30 again today. This will be an everyday occurrence for the next few weeks until their eating schedule and appetite for milk changes.

Centers this morning were paint with junk art, rice with toy dishes, community helper dress-up, and woodland animals with natural materials. It was another exciting day!



Ms. Diana

Lead Frog Teacher


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