Frog Fun:Huntley Meadows and Building a House

Today Science Sarah and Ms. Saba went with some of the children to Huntley Meadows. They chose to walk all the way to the tower today by way of the wetlands. On the way there, they saw a woodpecker overhead, and watched it for a minute or two. When they got to the wetlands, they noticed that the still water within the beaver dam was frozen. They identified bubbles in the ice, and one frog commented that bubbles are full of air. There were also goose footprints on the ice. There were lots of geese grazing in the shallow, moving water on the outside of the dam.


When they got to the tower, they noticed that almost all the water on that side of the wetlands was frozen! There was one puddle in the very middle that was wavy and thawed. They also saw a duck in the distance. Up on the tower, they felt the cold wind more strongly and decided to come down.

They met some people who said they’d seen deer on the edge of the wetlands.

So the frogs took the further loop of the Heron Trail back in hopes of seeing the deer as well. They walked SO QUIETLY on the boardwalk the whole way, so as not to frighten any deer! Unfortunately, they didn’t see any. At one point in time they also saw some cardinals and talked about winter feathers versus summer feathers. They also saw a hawk of some sort flying overhead!


Back at Frog Pond, the rest of the frogs made a shelter in the back room out of found materials. They used cardboard, sheets, blocks, yarn, tubes, etc.

They had a fun time figuring out how those things would turn into a house.

They talked about the parts of a house such as the walls, foundation, floor, etc. They were very creative and worked together to solve some building problems.


Out at Toad Mountain today, many of the frogs played Hungry Hippo with me.

Some others built shelters for birds out of sticks. After the jumping tadpoles joined us, I took two children at a time to take turns shoveling mulch into the wheelbarrow for our outdoor classroom. Other frogs raked the mulch once it had been dumped into its place. Some frogs played superheroes.

Others climbed up slides and slid back down them. Some swung on swings and others climbed monkey bars. Some played with a large Frisbee. Others just ran around having a grand time!


Also of note today, during table toy time, some children were painting pieces of wood. Then they thought it would be fun to paint their hands.

Then they decided to paint their faces. And some even thought it would be fun to paint their hair and the tops of their feet! We had some silly-looking color monsters running around!


Centers this morning were yarn with junk art, sand with shovels and containers, fancy party dress-up, and plastic marble ramps. some children also helped me clean the floor under the couch and behind a large bookshelf.

Some also got to play in the back room for a while. It was another creative day of discovery at the Pond!



Diana Patterson

Lead Frog Teacher


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