Frog Fun: Police officer scenarios and Feeling Disappointed

Today Ms. Merle led the Leopard Frogs in playing police officer with cars on tracks. They first built roads using road tracks. They then had a few minutes to drive their cars all over the roads. After that, they took turns acting out scenes with their cars. In one scene, a taxi driver passed a stopped school bus and got a ticket from a police officer. In another, a car was driving too fast. In a third scene, one car rear-ended a taxi driver, and police came and made a report and gave the car driver a ticket. The children enjoyed it!

Ms. Bani worked with the Green Tree Frogs today. They learned about feeling disappointed. They learned what the word means by looking at pictures and talking about different times they may have felt disappointed.

At Toad Mountain the frogs enjoyed playing running and chasing games with the jumping tadpoles. They also played on swings and monkey bars. Some played pretend as well. The frogs also built a ship, I think, with the large blocks and sailed on it in the outdoor classroom. They dug rocks out of the hard dirt. They checked out the digging pit, which is still a huge puddle, and they splashed in it a little bit with sticks. They also had a picnic today!

Centers this morning were cutting magazines, flour with woodland animals, bags and scarves dress-up, and big legos. It was another fun day with the frog class!


Diana Patterson

Lead Frog Teacher


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