Tadpole Tails: Tire Prints and Construction

This morning, the Tadpoles learned about construction workers. They talked about the trucks and workers they’ve seen working on the roadways. After that, the Tadpoles used toy trucks to pick up blocks and then they pretended to be construction workers building a tall tower. The Jumpers were able to get a really tall tower made before it fell over. The Swimmers enjoyed pushing the trucks around and using them to move blocks around. They also helped make some fun towers.


In the front room, the Tadpoles played with star blocks, making clusters and chains. The Tadpoles also played with toy food. At one point, the Tadpoles had me read four books in a row, sometimes multiple times.


The media table was full of rice and containers. The Tadpoles played there throughout play time. They squeezed the rice, put it in containers, ran their fingers and hands through it, scooped it with measuring cups, and watched it fall out of their lifted hands.


Outside, the Tadpoles played in the sandbox. They used construction trucks and pretended to build roads and buildings. The Tadpoles also went about the yard, playing make believe and exploring. A little later, the Jumpers gathered with me and helped me roll a rubber tire across a large piece of paper. The tire print didn’t show up too well, but the Jumpers noticed their muddy shoe prints and went to town making more. We talked about how tires make prints in mud, just like our shoes do. Next, a few Jumpers helped get more paper so the Swimmers could have a turn making muddy footprints. At one point, all the Swimmers were on the paper at the same time, stomping their feet or jumping up and down. After that, the Tadpoles played hide-n-seek.

They ran all over the yard as a teacher counted, hid in houses, in the tunnel, and behind houses and trees. There were giggles the whole time.


At 11, the Jumpers went to the Frog yard while the Swimmers continued to play in the Tadpole yard. The Jumpers ran right into the Frog yard and found friends to play with and explored the yard. Ms. Diana played hungry hippos with everyone, and they all loved it. She chased them and “ate”

them. If they were “poisonous,” she would fall to the ground with a tummy ache and the child would need to count to five to make her better. If they were not poisonous, they became hungry hippos too. Later, the Frogs and Jumpers built a grocery store and pretended to go shopping. Then it was time to go back to the Tadpole yard to play.


It was a fantastic day at Frog Pond.


~Miss Heather

Lead Tadpole Teacher


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