Tadpole Tales: Squirrels and Nests

This morning, the Tadpoles made squirrel nest pictures. They glued a picture of a squirrel to a piece of paper, then they glued leaves all around it to represent the nest. While they were gluing, they talked about how the leaves help keep the squirrels warm during the winter.

In the back room, the Tadpoles played a jumping game with the odd shaped mats. They lined them up lengthwise, climbed one, then jumped to the other.

They took turns jumping and giggled a lot. The Tadpoles also chased each other around and danced to music.

At the media table, the Tadpoles played with paper grass and toy animals.

They took turns hiding animals and letting each other find them. They also pretend played with the animals, making the animal sounds as they played.

The Tadpoles played with star blocks in the front room. They made cool clusters and long chains. They also played with baby dolls, dressing them up and feeding them toy food. The star blocks got taken to different parts of the room, so there were splashes of color in every corner.

Outside, the Tadpoles played with the cars. As soon as they reached the bottom of the ramp, they ran for the cars and started moving them up and down the sidewalk. As soon as one Tadpole was finished with a car, another got in and started its movement again. The sidewalk had at least two cars in motion the whole time we were outside. The Tadpoles also played hide-n-seek.

At one point seven Tadpoles managed to fit themselves into the space under the plastic climbing tower.

At one point, outside, the Swimmers gathered together with Ms. Subohi.

They jumped into a leaf pile, then talked about the fact that squirrels use leaves to make nests. Later, the Jumpers jumped into a leaf pile with me and we talked about how the leaves help keep in the warmth; squirrel nests are up in trees to help keep the them safe from other animals and people; and the fact that birds also make nests to keep warm and safe during the winter.

The sun was shining and the temperature was relatively warm, so the Tadpoles had lunch outside. They enjoyed feeling the sun on their faces while they ate their lunch. They talked with each other and had a pleasant time.

It was a great day at Frog Pond.


~Miss Heather

Lead Tadpole Teacher

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