Frog Fun: Huntley Meadows and Ice Sculptures

This morning we sang “I wish you well” with actions at our morning meeting.

Some children then got ready for Huntley Meadows while the rest of us started small group.


Science Sarah wrote about Huntley Meadows. Here are her words. “When we entered the park the first thing we saw was a group of bird watchers.

They excitedly pointed at a small yellow and greenish bird in front of us.

It was a Wilson’s Warbler, which according to their normal migration pattern should be in some tropical rainforest in South America by now.

Seeing one this far north in winter is very rare!  The bird posed nicely for us (but we had no camera) and showed up again later at the  Visitor Center feeder.


We continued on our walk into the park and took the Cedar Trail for an adventure today. The park was pretty quiet until a huge flock of blackbirds and grackles rose from the marsh and took to the skies.  They made lots of noise and flew, then perched, then flew again as we watched.

Once they had passed  by the forest seemed very quiet.


We all took turns walking the length of a large fallen tree, then had our water break.  After this we started back. We stopped at the Visitor Center for a brief visit.  The volunteer receptionist greeted us warmly, gave out stickers, and spent lots of time with some of the children looking at the animal “relics” on the desk.  Miss Brooke called us in to see the King Snake eat her meal of mice.  The children enjoyed looking at the exhibits too.”


Back at Frog Pond we made ice sculptures! Ms. Merle showed the children how to sprinkle a little salt on a piece of ice, and then put another piece of ice on top. The salt melted one piece slightly and then the second piece on top froze them together again. We found some colored ice in the freezer and used those as well for our ice sculptures. We then left some of them on the counter to see if they would melt over the course of the day. We also took some outside to see if they’ll melt.


At Toad Mountain today some children enjoyed swings and monkey bars.

Others walked on the balance beams. One child wrote a story. Other children checked out the digging pit, which was all muddy, with a little water. They were very excited to notice that it wasn’t a hug puddle anymore! It had dried up over several days. We also played chasing games for a few minutes.


Centers this morning were foam letters with glue, water with basters and containers, exotic stuffed animals and dress-up, and ramps with cars. Some children also played in the back room. It was another fun day!



Diana Patterson

Lead Frog Teacher


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